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Paul Gregory Associates Ltd

                 Psychotherapy & Counselling - Chichester & Exeter


After serving clients exclusively in East Sussex & West Sussex for many years, we are now seeing clients in our new rooms in Exeter also! 

We are delighted to be offering online & telephone counselling (including CBT & EMDR psychotherapies) to our community & beyond. We are experienced providers of Adoption Support Funded (ASF)* child therapy & Therapeutic Parenting Sessions

Call 07810885869 now for an appointment. 

*With consideration to the 2010 amendments, Paul Gregory Associates Ltd would like to make known that it is neither a registered adoption support agency with Ofsted nor currently working under contract for services with or for an adoption support agency. Where adoption is not expected to be the primary focus of the intervention, we are able to provide interventions outlined through our qualified, registered and accredited service. Please contact us about the above if you have any questions about this notice.

Online counselling

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: 



Coronavirus (COVID-19)

May  2022 update 

 Paul Gregory Associates Ltd will offer provision online (and telephone) only for the time being.                                 

                    Our Plan for continued support at PGA


Telephone or online therapy (including Online EMDR!) will continue.


  • We would like to invite you to consider DISCOUNTED telephone and/or video [online] support with PGA. This is a service we have offered for some years to our internationally-based clients or those for whom physical in-person support was not an option. BACP and EMDR UK have both recommended remote support in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Please call/contact us today for more information or to book an appointment. 


Special considerations have been made to protect our clients

  • “Any unplanned breaks due to [therapist] illness or other causes will be managed in ways to minimise inconveniencing clients and, for extended breaks, may include offering to put clients in touch with other practitioners.” (BACP Good Practice, point 41)
  • Practitioners need to ensure that their “wellbeing is sufficient to sustain the quality of their work” (BACP Commitment 2d) 
  • Coronovirus contingency clause: Disclosures in the public interest, based on the common law, are made where this is essential to prevent a serious and imminent threat to public health, national security, the life of the individual or a third party, or to prevent or detect serious crime. This may become relevant if your therapist contracts the virus and is obliged to inform the NHS of people they've been in contact with. In this case, we may need to share client names and contact details (but not the context in which we know them). However, clients may be contacted by the NHS. 

The latest developments in our field, and the latest guidance on Health and Wellbeing for staff, clients and the wider community (particularly those more vulnerable), is something we take very seriously at PGA. (see below). 

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Recent online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses attended by PGA Staff in  response to Coronavirus pandemic:

Starting 18th March 2020 "Coronavirus - Considering our Responses and Responsibilities  (ongoing weekly)- John Wilson, Kate Dunn & Dr Carole Francis-Smith

20th March 2020 "Can I work with Children & Young People Online? - John Wilson, Jan Stiff & Susan Utting-Simon

March 2020 "EMDR UK Annual Conference" - EMDR Association (UK) incl. Dr Arne Hoffman, Dr Ad de Jong,  Dr Nacho Jarero 

April 2020 "Online EMDR Q&A" - Dr Naomi Fisher & Matthew Wesson (President Elect EMDR UK)

April 2020 "Using EMDR Online with Children & Adolescents" - Dr Naomi Fisher

April 2020 "Using EMDR Online: Answering Your Questions" - Dr Naomi Fisher

April 2020 "Coronavirus Outbreak Adult Well-Being" - The Training Hub

April 2020 "Infection Control - Children's Homes" - The Training Hub

May 2020 "A Pluralistic Approach to Therapy" -  Prof. Mick Cooper (Full Day)

May 2020 "Debunking Gender Identity WORKSHOP - Madison Amy Webb

May 2020 "Infection Control - Residential" - The Training Hub

June 2020 "An Introduction to Child Exploitation & Child Sexual Abuse - Children's Homes" - The Training Hub

June 2020 "CYP (Children & Young People) Safeguarding Drill & Practitioner Group"

June 2020 EMDR UK Virtual Conference & AGM (2 Days)

June 2020 "Data Protection Regulation - Residential" - The Training Hub

July 2020 "Understanding Working with Gender Variance & Autism" - Madison Amy Webb

July 2020 "Internet Safety - Childen's Homes" - The Training Hub

July 2020 "Equality & Diversity - Children's Homes" - The Training Hub

August 2020 "Black Lives Matter Children Services" - The Training Hub

August 2020 "T.A. [Transactional Analysis] in a Crisis" - Mark Head & Leilani Mitchell

August 2020 "Safeguarding Children - Children's Homes" - The Training Hub

September 2020 "Amphitheatre of our Ancestors: working with the parent ego state" - Frances Townsend

September 2020 "Using Creative Arts Online" - Ani de la Prida

September 2020 "Mindfulness Based EMDR" - Dr Alexandra Dent, Heart Led Psychotherapy

September 2020 "The Changing Landscape of College & School-based Counselling" - Prof. Mick Cooper, Jo Holmes & Sarah Watson

September 2020 "Me, You and Us: Understanding Transference in Couples Counselling" - Rosalind Sharples & Nathan Gould

September 2020 "Online Private Practice 2020. Communication: Can You Understand me?" - BACP (6 hrs approved CPD) with 

"Dynamic Running Therapy"William Pullen 

 "Ethnic bias in communication"Keon West 

"Working with deaf clients" - Victoria Nelson

"Creative Approaches to therapeutic communication" - Ani de la Prida

"Understanding & Supporting Autistic Clients" - Lisa Cromer

"Monolingual Fragility - Power & Privilege across languages" - Beverly Costa

"Working therapeutically with an Aging Population" Helen Kelwell 

"Managing ethical boundaries with parents of young adult clients" - Sally Brown

September 2020 "Visioning Your Life" - Dr Dina Glouberman

October 2020 "Polyvagal Theory - Neuroscience" - Maggi McAllister-MacGregor

October 2020 "Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma" Ruth M. Buczynski, PhD

November 2020 "Irvin Yalom and the art of psychotherapy" -  Dr Irvin Yalom M.D., BACP (CPD Hub)

November 2020 "EMDR & Autism" - Dr Naomi Fisher, Consultant

November 2020 "Effective Anger Management Tools for Working with Men" - James Hawes

January 2021 "Pesso Boyden Therapy: From the client's perspective" - Julia Grayson

January 2021 "Focusing as Action-Oriented Contemplation" - Serge Prengel, N.Y.C

January 2021 "Uncertainty: An Existential Perspective" - Prof. Ernesto Spinelli

January 2021 "EMDR and the Power of Relationship" - Jessica Wooliscroft, Consultant

February 2021 "Counsellor accounts of erotic countertransference emerging within the therapeutic setting" Mason Neely, BACP CPD Hub

February 2021 "The Silent Anorexic: Strategies for engaging the Client" Prof. Julia Buckroyd, BACP CPD Hub

February 2021 "The Body Keeps the Score" - Dr Bessel van der Kolk M.D., BACP CPD Hub

February 2021 "DNMS (Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy) Ego-State Therapy Interventions for EMDR Therapists" [1 CE point] - Shirley Jean Schmit, M.A., LPC (USA)

February 2021 "A (Very) Simple Guide to GDPR" - Johanson & McKinney (EMDR UK Consultants)

March 2021 "Overcoming Fear of the Future" - Dr Dina Glouberman

March 2021 "Healing Trauma with Peter Levine" -  Dr Peter Levine/The Relationship School

March 2021 "In the realm of Hungry Ghosts" Dr Gabor Mate, Genius Network Annual Event 2017

March 2021 "The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma" Dr Bessel van der Kolk, CenterScene, Center for Healthy Communities, L.A. 2015

March 2021 "EMDR UK Annual Conference" - EMDR Association (UK) incl. Dr Ben Wright, Dr Roger Solomon, Dr Arun Mansukani

March 2021 "Family Constellation: Understanding Family System Structure & Dynamics" - Alex Piotrowska

April 2021 "EMDR Therapy Protocoll & AIP - Update for Structured Treatent Planning" - Dr Derek Farrell, 6CPD

April 2021 "How do we explain EMDR to our clients?" International EMDR Online Forum

April 2021 "Clinical Development Day" - Dr Christopher Robinson

April 2021 "Exploitation: Listen, Understand, Recognise, Protect, Prevent" Emma Jackson, Daniel Andrews & Viv Blackledge

April 2021 "Making Research Work for Members" - BACP

April 2021 "EMDR Therapy and Parts: Working with Complex Trauma" - Ana Gomez

May 2021 "Your Power in Parenting" - Andrea Rippon

May 2021 "EMDR in the Treatment of Depression" - Dr Arne Hoffman

May 2021 "Fire Safety in Children's Homes" - The  Children's Home Training Hub

June 2021 "EMDR Europe Research & Practice Conference 2021" - EMDR Europe (3 day)

June 2021 "National Counselling Day Online Conference 2021" - National Counsellors' Day (full day)


"The Year of our Intersectional Identities" - Dr Dwight Turner

"The CTUK survey" - Dr Elizabeth Cotton

"Diversity" - National Counselling Society

"Learning to Unlearn - Journeying beyond performative allyship & the transformative power of anti-racist work" - Pavithra Sarma

June 2021 "A New NHS/UCL Competence Framework for EMDR Therapy" Oenone Dudley

June 2021 "Dissociative Identity Disorder: The Hidden Condition" - Gill Frost, Valerie Sinason, Amanda Ball & Alf MacFarland

July 2021 "Reporting and Recording: Children's Homes" - The Children's Home Training Hub

July 2021 "Gangs and County Lines: Children's Homes" - The Children's Home Training Hub

September 2021 "Public Speaking and Single Session Therapy" - Prof. Windy Dryden

September 2021 "I do not want to do EMDR" : The Sleeping Dogs method [Child EMDR] - Dr. Arianne Struik (Austrailia)

September 2021 "Working with chronic pain" - Dr. Ron Siegel (US), BACP hub

October 2021 "The 'readiness moment'" [Child EMDR] - Dr. Simi Kaur Bansi-Sohal 

October 2021 "Safety and Social Media" [Child} - Child Sexual Exploitation National (CSE), Childrens Homes Group in house

October 2021 "Adaptive Information Processing (AIP)" [Child EMDR] - Ana Gomez, EMDR Sussex

December 2021 "Enhancing Trust and Attunement" [Child EMDR] - Dr. Helen Rathore (New Zealand)

December 2021 "Harmful Sexual Behaviours" {Child] - National Harmful Sexual Behaviours (HSB) Specialist, Childrens Homes Group in house

December 2021 "Minimizing Complaints by Adopting Appropriate Professional Practices" - James Rye, ex-Chair BACP Private Practice Executive

January 2022 "Building EMDR Narratives with Children and their Families" - Alice Hucker

February 2022 "Adoption South East Tender Applications Workshop" - Michael Wilson, Head of Service, ASE

February 2022 "EMDR & the Medicine Wheel" - Sophia Labonte (Mexico) & Maria Huerta (Canada)

March 2022 "The Soma in EMDR: Weaving Impulse Awareness into the 8 Phases of the Basic Protocol" - Rex Brangwyn

March 2022 "EMDR UK Conference 2022 - Complex Trauma & Dissociation across the Lifespan" - Dolores Mosquera, Ana Gomez & Kathy Steele (2 Days)

April 2022 "EMDR with Adolescents and young adults with Intellectual and Developmental Differences or Disabilities (IDD)" - Dr Beth Barol 

Hello, I'm Louise. Welco​me to Paul Gregory!

Counsellor Chichester

Discounted case-managed, fully insured* EMDR & CBT psychotherapies & counselling in Chichester & Exeter at

Paul Gregory Associates Ltd

*including for telephone/online and outdoor assessment and therapies as well as clinic-based interventions! (Ref. Oct 2021)

Hamblin Hall, Main Road (A259) Bosham, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 8PJ


The Practice Rooms, 15-16 Castle St, Exeter EX4 3PT

We're really proud to welcome you to a very special place for the sensitive treatment of the emotional ups and downs of life. 

We  now have beautiful practice rooms in Castle Street, Exeter!

Picture: J​ennifer Thompson

Online therapy Bosham

We are also located in beautiful Bosham, in the Chichester District of West Sussex

Picture: Ron Porter

Counselling Chichester
Counsellor Chichester
Counselling EMDR Chichester
Counselling EMDR Chichester

Paul Grixti

Clinical Lead

Counsellor Bosham Chichester
Counsellor Bosham Chichester

Paul Grixti BSc (Hons), MBACP (Accred & Regd), EMDR Europe (Accred for Adult AND Child/Adolescent) Humanistic Counselling (DipCouns), Brainspotting (Level II)

Doctorate in Psychotherapy 4th Year candidate (incomplete)

Here's a nice little video that describes what we do...

Animation to Explain EMDR to Adults

Counsellor Bosham Chichester

Free onsite parking at Bosham 

Leave us a message here:

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Thank you!

A Warm Welcom​e

Paul Gregory Associates Ltd

are proud to offer Friendly, Private Time-Effective Treatments to fit your budget

Therapy for






Groups e.g. corporate, business, private

Paul Gregory Associates Ltd for

*Accredited by EMDR Europe for the specific treatment of Adult trauma. Qualified to Level IV

*Accredited by EMDR Association (UK) for the specific treatment of Child & Adolescent trauma. Qualified to Advanced Level (II)

R-TEP (EMDR protocol for Recent Traumatic Episodes)

G-TEP (EMDR Trauma protocol for groups e.g. families)

Other EMDR treatments e.g. OCD, Trichotillomania (hair-pulling), phobia, confidence, self-esteem, anxiety.

Brainspotting (Qualified  to Level 2)

Welcoming self-referral & GP/Psychiatrist/agency referrals


Free onsite parking

Set in peaceful rural surroundings ideal for the sensitive treatment of mind, body and more.

Important Notice:

*There are currently very few EMDR accredited therapists in West Sussex, and even fewer EMDR accredited for treating children and adolescents specifically

EMDR practitioners seek accreditaton to demonstrate to clients and regulators their competency with this powerful technique. Training, experience, supervision from an EMDR Consultant, and EMDR/child specific specific Continual Professional Development (CPD) are all requirements for Accreditation. We hope this helps our clients to feel assured about the quality of our Child EMDR service.

Counsellor Bosham Chichester

We're based at Hamblin Hall, Bosham, Chichester. In 2021, we also took beautiful rooms in Castle Street, Exeter


For a discounted, privately-funded counselling or EMDR psychotherapy intervention with

Paul Gregory Associates Ltd (Chichester) call: 07881090078

Email:[email protected] ..accepting therapy referrals now.

Ask for a quote!